Blankenship Financial Planning provides…
“No Doubt”
Financial Advice

No Doubt Financial Advice is a description of how we do business at Blankenship Financial Planning. Since the only compensation we receive is directly from you, the client, you will have No Doubt about the bias of our recommendations. You’re the boss.

How is this different from other financial advisors?

With most financial advisors, you are often left in doubt about why they made their specific recommendations. You see, “those guys” are paid by commissions – meaning that they get paid when they sell you a product, like an insurance policy, an annuity, or a mutual fund. Naturally, many recommendations they make will include the sale of one of these products. It’s left up to you to wonder whether the recommendation was appropriate. For example if you’re banking online forex accounts help at to make all those transactions and use your account online.

With No Doubt Financial Advice from Blankenship Financial Planning, we sell nothing except advice – no mutual funds, insurance or annuities. Yes, that is correct, we sell nothing except advice. While I carry a license as a Life and Accident/Health producer, I have no affiliation with any insurance company as an agent, nor do I have any relationship with any insurance agent. I carry those licenses as a requirement from the State of Illinois’ Division of Insurance’s regulation – strictly in order to provide advice on those products.

As a result, we may not recommend those products that the “other guys” push. We’ll review your situation and make recommendations that fit YOUR needs – in other words, No Doubt.

What else do you do to provide “No Doubt” service?

At Blankenship Financial Planning, we go the extra mile to provide you with No Doubt about the cost of our services. We’ll tell you up-front, before any work is done, what the cost will be, and we’ll guarantee that it won’t cost you more than what we quoted. Each person’s situation is bound to be different, and so every quote is done individually for that specific situation.

One of the problems with the way the “other guys” are paid is that you don’t see the bill. As a result, it’s tough to know just how much their recommendation is costing you, since it’s wrapped up in premiums, 12-b(1) fees, account fees and other confusing mechanisms.

How can I get “No Doubt” Financial Advice?

Call Blankenship Financial Planning today at 217-488-6473 to schedule a no-obligation get acquainted session.